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Zero interest micro loan payment platform

Getstarted approached us with the idea of a micro loan payment platform. We assisted in the creation of wireframes and designs, which in turn lead to the full development of the platform. A full cycle developement approach was implemented, and the platform was built in 2 months post design phase.

Services We Offered GetStarted

  • Web Development
  • Product Management
  • API Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Credit partner integration
  • Admin Portal

The Challenge

Concept Behind the Product

A platform through which individuals can seamlessly apply and aquire a micro loan while ensuring a thorough credit check process to maintain a high quality applicant level.

Gap in the Market

With a zero interest loan model, the company would be able to market accordingly and stand out beyond their competitors and the interest rates that they have.

The Problem

Little to no quality micro loans companies operate within the South African market which offer non existing interest rates.

The Bluebird Approach

What we needed to know

  • We had to know what would ensure a thorough credit checks process in order to ensure a high quality application pool and returns.
  • The user journey would have to be identified, together with what steps need to be taken by both the applicant and the company in what order to create the most efficient application process.
  • Integrations with multiple credit and payment providers had to be mapped out, and documentation gathered for API integration.

How we uncovered this information

  • We implemented a three step credit check consiting of a warm body check, ID number credit check, and a profability check by means of statement upload through means of statement upload and parsing thereof.
  • We analysed and improved existing client wireframes & designs, and translated them into a user tested front end screen journey.
  • API docs from integrations partners were inspected and correlating API's were implemented in a effective manner into the user journey that mapped was out in the aforementioned step.

The Bluebird Process

The Design Process

  • Creating user journey flow diagrams and wireframes using Miro
  • Front end screen designs using Adobe XD
  • Admin portal and database design for users and attributes

The Build Process

  • Build React web application for application process in parallel with API integrations
  • Setup CI/CD for development and production environments.
  • Build an admin portal with authentication and master controls linking to the DB
  • Implement a Node.js backend for integrations

What we achieved

1000 recurring users within 2 months of launch

  • A very user-friendly zero interest micro loan platform, with high customer return rate
  • An integrated and automated chat service for customer support
  • A interactive application process with security checks and OTP's sent to ensure security

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