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Tool for carbon footprint awareness and offsetting

Aurora was initially built by another development company. They lacked adaptability which resulted in an unmaintainable code base. We were initially tasked only to finish the original MVP, but it soon became clear that we had to re-write everything. The original project ran for more than one year, and we rebuilt it in three months.

Services We Offered Aurora

  • Web App Architecture and Development
  • Cloud Hosting
  • API Architecture and Development
  • China Deployment

The Challenge

Concept Behind the Product

A tool in which individuals can determine their carbon emissions and allow them to reduce or eliminate their footprint through various mechanisms.

Gap in the Market

Their goal at this time was to become the tool for carbon footprint awareness and offsetting, ultimately creating a more sustainable world.

The Problem

General lack of awareness and effort on many individuals when it comes to living in and creating a more sustainable world.

The Bluebird Approach

What we needed to know

  • We have never launched a product in China before. We had to learn the requirements around hosting as well as determine which dependencies would need to be replaced due to their firewall.
  • The project we took over had an obscure implementation, constructed and implemented by certain data scientists with whom we had no contact with.
  • The most complex part of the initial product was how the App’s questions translated into carbon emissions.

How we uncovered this information

  • Lots of research in China hosting as well as WeChat business application process and documentation.
  • By digging into the unstructured and undocumented calculation functions, we were able to determine the original intention and design a calculation engine which was both easy to work with as well as scalable

The Bluebird Process

The Design Process

  • Ensure configurability using Retool.
  • Work through several entity relation diagrams for the new database.
  • Determine architecture for dynamic quiz and dynamic calculation engine.

The Build Process

  • Setup CI/CD for development and production environments.
  • Build React web application in parallel with API features.
  • Build Authentication, dynamic quiz engine and dynamic calculation engine.
  • Implement code-first database solution and .NET API.

What we achieved

Company and product bought by the largest insurance company in Africa

  • A very user-friendly carbon footprint calculator and awareness tool, built to be highly configurable and scalable.
  • The user would enter on the quiz and answer lifestyle questions around food consumption, travel usage and other sustainability focused areas.
  • The app would suggest tips on what they can do to offset their emissions based on their quiz input

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